Our mission is to support large multinationals with the preparation of best-practice, global Transfer Pricing Documentation in a cost-efficient way to enable compliance and control. We offer a unique combination of services and software.

Gain control over your Transfer Pricing

We are TP Tuned, a Transfer Pricing support firm. Since 2012, we have developed a methodology to coordinate and prepare best-in-class, global Transfer Pricing Documentation. Our approach to Transfer Pricing Documentation is a proven solution which helps you to gain control over your Transfer Pricing.

A proven approach

Our approach to Transfer Pricing Documentation has been implemented by large multinationals across industries and has allowed them to gain detailed insights in their Transfer Pricing, while achieving full Transfer Pricing compliance.

A global solution

Our approach places the Transfer Pricing Documentation in the centre of a multinational’s Transfer Pricing process, allowing it to identify and follow-up on deviations in all countries it operates in.

Proprietary software

TP Tuned has developed Reptune®, the best-in-class software for the efficient coordination and preparation of Master Files, Local Files and Country-by-Country Reports.

Want to know how TP Tuned can help you?

TP Tuned offers a range of Transfer Pricing Documentation services to suit your needs, ranging from full outsourcing to insourcing. We have broad experience with the challenges faced by multinationals to comply with Transfer Pricing Documentation requirements. Get in touch to explore how we can help you.

Why choose TP Tuned?

Tax professionals at multinationals are faced with a tremendous amount of tasks, which they need to prioritise. TP Tuned helps you to solve your Transfer Pricing Documentation challenges, so that your team can focus on other matters.

TP Tuned’s Transfer Pricing Advisers have extensive experience as advisers and in-house Transfer Pricing specialists. TP Tuned has prepared Transfer Pricing Documentation for companies in over 130 countries. Our client portfolio includes some of the largest multinationals operating in all major markets in the world.

Best practice

Our Transfer Pricing Documentation-format has been developed since 2012. It is constantly further improved, based on the feedback from our Transfer Pricing Advisers, clients and their advisers. Our format is based on the latest OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and can be tailored to meet local requirements.


We specialise in Transfer Pricing Documentation. Our focus enables us to provide the highest quality Transfer Pricing Documentation services, in a cost-efficient way. We offer a one-stop-shop for Master Files, Local Files and Country-by-Country Reports.


Our services have helped a vast number of multinationals gain control of their Transfer Pricing. Our documentation has been reviewed by thousands of professionals globally.

Clear documentation

We deliver clear and consistent Transfer Pricing Documentation, with a clear structure. Our Transfer Pricing Documentation is compliant with local regulations and tailored to each individual entity.

Easy communication

Our Transfer Pricing Advisers are always available for day-to-day advise and support. We like to be considered as an extended arm of your tax team.

Our services

Each multinational is different. Therefore, Transfer Pricing Documentation support requirements may vary:

Full service

You need at least 10 Local Files annually, want to outsource your Transfer Pricing Documentation and monitor the process through an online dashboard. You want to have direct access to Transfer Pricing specialists for day-to-day Transfer Pricing advice.


You need at least 10 Local Files annually and want to insource your Transfer Pricing Documentation as you have sufficient experienced Transfer Pricing resources in-house.


You need at least 10 Local Files annually and want to insource your Transfer Pricing Documentation. However, you would like to have access to hands-on support when needed.

How full service works

Let us take care of your Transfer Pricing Documentation:

  1. We agree on the financial year to start with and a preliminary scope.
  2. We analyse existing Transfer Pricing data and perform a gap analysis. We prepare an initial Transfer Pricing report consisting of a Master File and Local File for an entity of your choice.
  3. We prepare other Transfer Pricing reports for companies of your choice. You monitor our progress through the online dashboard.
  4. If applicable, we support with the preparation of your Country-by-Country Report(s).
  5. After preparation of all Transfer Pricing Documentation for a financial year, we report our key findings and improvement possibilities.
  6. We roll forward to the next financial year.

Just want to use our software?

In 2018 we launched Reptune®, the best-in-class Transfer Pricing Documentation software. Reptune was developed by our team of experts, to coordinate and prepare Transfer Pricing Documentation as efficiently as possible.

  1. Plug and play: requires Google Chrome only.
  2. We provide login details and a workshop.
  3. You get cracking!

Blend - Want to use our software, with occasional support?

Don't hesitate to let us know how our team of experts can be of help!


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Who is TP Tuned

A firm with a passion for Transfer Pricing

TP Tuned was founded in 2015 by Lennart van den Kommer and Allard Posthuma and later joined by David Zarecky, 3 enthusiastic international tax and Transfer Pricing specialists with Big 4 and in-house experience, a passion for Transfer Pricing and for Transfer Pricing Documentation in particular.

Dedicated to delivering high quality Transfer Pricing Documentation

It is TP Tuned’s mission to support its clients with the preparation of best-practice, global Transfer Pricing Documentation in a cost efficient way to enable compliance and control. TP Tuned accomplishes this by combining proven software and global expertise.

Our team of experts

TP Tuned works globally. Get in touch and meet our team of experts. We love to talk about Transfer Pricing and Technology!

Allard website.png
Allard Posthuma

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Allard worked for 5 years at EY’s Amsterdam office as an international tax specialist/manager before moving to an in-house role at the headquarters of IKEA Group where he and Lennart developed and successfully implemented a newly developed and automated Transfer Pricing Documentation process. This formed the basis of the TP Tuned Methodology.

Lennart website.png
Lennart van den Kommer

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Originally, Lennart is an International Tax Manager specialised in Dutch and international taxation. Lennart started his career at Deloitte (2001) and PwC (2006) and moved to IKEA Group in 2008. Lennart has increasingly focused on Transfer Pricing, including policy setting, implementation, documentation and control. Lennart was one of the founders of TP Tuned in 2015.

David website.png
David Zarecky

Transfer Pricing Adviser

David started his Transfer Pricing career with EY’s Prague office in 2006 where he progressed to serve some of the largest multinationals operating in CEE region in the areas of Transfer Pricing planning, compliance and controversy. In 2015-2017, David acted as an in-house Transfer Pricing counsel at SABIC, one of the world’s largest petrochemical groups. David joined TP Tuned in April 2017.

Maru website.png
Mariel Cima

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Mariel worked in Transfer Pricing at PwC for 6 years. Mariel was based in Argentina and Australia and supported a broad spectrum of clients in several areas, including compliance, planning and advisory. Considering the rapidly changing environment in Transfer Pricing, Mariel continued in a technology-focused firm in the United States in 2019-2020 to then join TP Tuned in August 2020.

Carolina website.png
Carolina Garcia Maritano

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Carolina graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She began at PwC in Transfer Pricing for 2 years. Carolina continued her career at a specialised Transfer Pricing firm, gaining client experience. In October 2021, she joined TP Tuned.

Flor website.png
Florencia Gonzalez

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Florencia started her career in 2017 as a Transfer Pricing Associate at PwC, where she assisted clients across multiple industries with transfer pricing documentation and compliance. In early 2022, Florencia decided to relocate to the UK to then join TP Tuned in October 2022.

Maria website.png
Maria Grigoryeva

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Maria worked in Transfer Pricing at an Amsterdam boutique consulting company for 6 years. There she provided counsel to clients regarding transfer pricing strategies and tax technology implementation. She further advance her Transfer Pricing career at PwC Netherlands in 2021. In November 2022, Maria embarked on a new chapter by joining the dynamic team at TP Tuned.

Roberto website.png
Roberto Sa Godiño

Transfer Pricing Adviser

Roberto is an economist with a strong academic background and extensive experience in transfer pricing. He has accumulated over 9 years of experience in this field, working in different PwC offices across Latin America. At PwC, Roberto managed a diverse portfolio of clients and acquired in-depth knowledge of Transfer Pricing management. He joined TP Tuned in 2023.

Fabian website.png
Fabian Tax

Lead Developer

Fabian has a Master's degree in Information Technology and has broad experience as an in-house and independent software developer since 2004. Fabian supported one of the largest Dutch banks. Fabian is the Lead Developer and coordinates the development of Reptune. His strength is in converting ideas into user-friendly applications.

Gerard website.png
Gerard Alberts

Senior Software Developer

Gerard has joined TP Tuned in December 2020 as Senior Software Developer. Gerard brings over 17 years of experience with the development of web applications for various companies. He specialises in designing and implementing application structures, and data analytics. Gerard coordinates several aspects of Reptune.

Surija website.png
Surija Srikumar

Software Developer

Surija holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and boasts 8 years of experience in designing and building software. Through collaborations with numerous start-up companies, she has honed a diverse skill set. Her primary passion resides within the realm of FinTech, where she finds fulfillment in problem-solving and deploying cutting-edge solutions utilizing the latest technologies.

Tharindu website.png
Tharindu Subhashith

Software Developer

Tharindu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has six years of experience in the software industry. In this time, he has gained experience in designing and developing software systems in various domains. Tharindu enjoys solving complex problems with creative solutions. He is always pushing the boundaries of what can be done with software.

Yen website.png
Yen Sharratt

Finance & HR Manager

Yen started her career as an accountant in Australia in 2005. After moving with her family to the Netherlands, she joined TP Tuned as Finance & HR Manager in March 2019 to support our growing team. Now she has moved back to Australia but continues to be an integral member of our team from afar. Yen is a great source of positive energy for the team!

Ana website.png
Ana Gutierrez Crispini

Office Assistant

Ana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Genetics and made a recent transition to the Netherlands to pursue a Master’s degree in Forensic Science. Ana joined TP Tuned in March 2022 as our Office Assistant. Balancing her responsibilities with dedication, Ana ensures the seamless operation of the office while actively pursuing her studies

What clients say

Our clients feel that we’re an extension of their tax team. They feel very comfortable about their transfer pricing position.

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